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Engaging and empowering

How can we actively engage patients and those around them, enabling them to become partners instead of recipients of care? While this is a challenge for healthcare in general, it is an even greater challenge for those patients notoriously difficult to reach such as children and youths (8+) in social and mental healthcare, and (young) people with intellectual disabilities.

While most platforms and solutions are focussed primarily on healthcare professionals, Your Place was developed from day one with these patients in mind. The platform offers practical and transparant solutions resulting in a unique approach that truly empowers patients.


Motivate patients with rewards


Client can customise his account using pictures, favourite websites and videos


Exercises with game-elements


Offering accessible information in an entertaining way

Without Your Place things would be very dull

Patrick (13)

Much more fun working online

Your Place allows different kinds of patients and those around them to play an active part in their care and treatment. Treatments can be draining or boring to (young) patients. Your Place uses visually stimulating incentives and an interactive set-up to make it much more fun to develop yourself. Especially, when reaching your goals scores you points and rewards. Logging on between sessions provides patients with a better understanding of their progress and they will notice positive changes much more clearly. That’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve!

Those who don’t take the look and feel of eHealth platforms seriously, don’t understand what speaks to a young audience. Your Place excels in looking for solutions from the perspective of youths, making a difference in online youth care.

Innovative and inspiring

Your Place is an innovative and complex product that has a large impact on any organisation. Great reductions in time spent per patient will recover the initial investment of incorporating Your Place in treatments and workflow. We provide expertise and training, helping organisations implement eHealth into their standard services. Patients are very enthousiastic about the platform and its possibilities, making it a great way to gain visibility in an increasingly competitive care sector.

We are used to treating patients face-to-face but young people nowadays communicate mostly via text and social media. If we want to take them seriously, we need to connect with them on their own terms.

Sammy Roording – clinical neuropsychologist Karakter


Overview of all activities of everyone involved


Chat with all involved, both private and with groups


Send secure messages between patient, parents and therapists


Private journal for patients

Easy communication and unmatched visuals

Gives easy access to secure online communication through chat, mail and video conferencing. By using interactive tools and eHealth modules patients can work on their treatment online. Driven by design, the platform’s key components are style and Ux resulting in a strong visual component and a usability that is currently unmatched.

Tessa spent five weeks in confined treatment to rest. She didn’t want to see us or talk to us at first. We were so relieved we were able to follow her progress through Your Place! The advice from treatment centre Reik and the functionalities of Your Place really helped our family through this phase.

Central place to meet

Parents, family, teachers and other important figures in the lives of patients can play an integral part in the treatment. For children, working systematically and strategically involving their social network can be a vital addition. Everyone involved in the treatment, receives a unique login code allowing them to quickly and easily stay in touch with each other. All involved can easily stay abreast of the patients progress, stimulating and supporting them if and when necessary. Additionally, therapists can check in with parents and teachers to learn how their patients are doing at home and in school.

My colleague and I both enter our reports in Your Place. We use different approaches and focus in our therapies so having access to both our notes gives a much more complete overview. This helps us but also the patients and their parents. Knowing they will be reading the reports, forces us to be precise and clear in our formulation.

Jelte Krikke – drama therapist Reik


Overview of all people involved in the treatment: father, mother, therapist, social worker, etc.

Who is already working with Your Place?

25,000 clients
15,000 therapists, parents
and others
25 organisations

Your Place is the most visually stunning and engaging eMental health platform for children, youths and people with disabilities. Empowering and activating patients and those around them by involving and enabling them. Allowing for cost-effective and efficient care.

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